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Drop-Ins on January 6

Sunday Open Play is on hiatus until January 2016

  (new dates to be announced)

Three more Monday Open Play sessions

  December 14, 21 and 28 from 10:00 a.m. to Noon



OUR PROGRAMS, with parent or caregiver:

Music Adventures  5 months to 2+ years*

Singing, sounding, bouncing, dancing, musical play, over and over with lots of can almost see the synapses firing!  With teacher as guide and adults as active participants, we create a richly creative environment that allows kids to absorb information and build new skills in their first social scene.  45 minutes

Arfie’s Art & Play  20 months to 3 years*

At this transitional stage, your child’s repertoire of milestones is expanding rapidly. As language emerges and physical skills develop, their play is infused with the innate curiosity, creativity and imagination that is the foundation of all learning. Music, book-time, an art project pulling concepts together, and free play, this class has it all for this age group, and is an excellent “prep” for pre-k.  1 hour

*Please Note: The age range for our classes is fluid, because children build skills at different paces and via different creative pathways. The overlap allows for your child to do the class that’s best for them; please talk to Nanette about a trial class to assess.  


LOCATION: Aikido of South Brooklyn, 205 Columbia St. 11231 (at  Sackett)

FEES: (10 classes, recorded and digital music, art materials, PLUS Two Complimentary Passes for Open Play):

Music Adventures:  $290; $100 sib fee (new lower sib fee!)

Arfie’s Art & Play:  $295; $125 sib fee (new lower sib fee!)

Per-Class Drop-In:  $30, Music Adventures or Art & Play 


Open Play: $10 for 2 hours, drop in at any time, RSVP not needed 

(Open Play free trials not available)


CONTACT:  For more information, to RSVP for a trial or drop-in class, or to register for the Fall session, please email with your request, including your child’s name and age, and a phone number.  We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can, and put you on our email list.  Also, please join us on facebook and twitter for up-to-date updates, along with family-friendly posts and news about our community and families.


 Thank You for your interest in our programs - we hope to see you!





From researchers to early childhood experts, the compelling news about our children’s earliest years is very simple: PLAY WORKS . . . and our kids don’t get enough!

Through a balance of guided and unstructured play activities, ArtsCetera offers parents a chance to slow down and engage in the transformative experience of their children’s earliest learning. From an infant’s delighted crowing in music class to a toddler’s first messy art extravaganza, immersing children in a fun, total arts experience is what we are all about.

ArtsCetera’s play-based approach means your children have a great time developing critical skills and learning how to learn. It is the focus on play, not maintaining a busy schedule, that experts say most helps children thrive creatively, intellectually and socially in ways that benefit them now and for a lifetime.

And, rather than just entertain young children, our programs are designed to stimulate and encourage curiosity, participation and discovery, respecting the learning styles of the very young, while providing a creative environment that also engages adults. Along with providing arts programming, our studio has grown to be a place for families to network, socialize and nurture friendships.