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Spring Classes

are Wrapping Up!

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From researchers to early childhood experts, the compelling news about our children’s earliest years is very simple: PLAY WORKS . . . and our kids don’t get enough!

Through a balance of guided and unstructured play activities, ArtsCetera offers parents a chance to slow down and engage in the transformative experience of their children’s earliest learning. From an infant’s delighted crowing in music class to a toddler’s first messy art extravaganza, immersing children in a fun, total arts experience is what we are all about.

ArtsCetera’s play-based approach means your children have a great time developing critical skills and learning how to learn. It is the focus on play, not maintaining a busy schedule, that experts say most helps children thrive creatively, intellectually and socially in ways that benefit them now and for a lifetime.

And, rather than just entertain young children, our programs are designed to stimulate and encourage curiosity, participation and discovery, respecting the learning styles of the very young, while providing a creative environment that also engages adults. Along with providing arts programming, our studio has grown to be a place for families to network, socialize and nurture friendships.

ArtsCetera Best Art Classes in Brooklyn!!



Craft Videos!

Check out Nanette's How-Tos for fun make-together crafts sure to engage your young artist!

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The Doorbell Song

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Summer Classes

We are looking for space to rent by the hour this summer. Please spread the word and let us know if you have any ideas.

We'll be back in the fall with classes and more . . .


Summer Class location will be confirmed as soon as we are able to find a spot.  Any ideas?

Send them our way, and you'll receive a free summer session if your idea leads to a space!


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Class Locations

Creative Arts Studio

310 Atlantic Avenue (near Smith)

Cobble Hill Ballet

193 Columbia Street (near Degraw)

Music for Aardvarks

Arfie's Music Adventures

Arfie's Art & Play

Open Play

What they're saying . . .

"Our two year old adores her ArtsCetera class. It is the only thing we don't have to coax her to get out the door for. She loves the music, she loves the art, she just finds joy there.  This is why we love ArtsCetera also!  We highly recommend this sweet, creative, fun place" 

[J & C, March, 2012]

at ArtsCetera

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